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Woiwodschaft zachodnio - pomorskie
Ort 78-100 Kołobrzeg
Straße Klonowa
Startadresse (Stadt, Straße):
Hotel Pension Haus
Appartement Zimmer

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User Roman schrieb
Hinzugefügt am 2013-07-12 13:08:24

, it’s partly the “vagueness” of the rreneeecfs, and the wistful contemplative style of reflection, which is sometimes nostalgic but not (I emphasize) sentimental or banal, that appealed to me. I was also intrigued and drawn into the religious perspective and impressed by the way the Biblical rreneeecfs are woven into the story—again, these are not inaccessible to readers who are generally culturally informed, familiar with the Old Testament, for example, if not the Hebrew Bible (Biblical rreneeecfs and short quotations are inserted into the Polish narrative in transliterated Hebrew, as are bits of Yiddish—a possible translation challenge, but not insurmountable, and also one where discreet endnotes could also be provided, if considered desirable). The novel is also an interesting reflection on the functioning of memory, its limitations (as Paziński suggested in his recent seminar in Cambridge, we don’t actually remember very much precisely or in precise chronological orde

User Neha schrieb
Hinzugefügt am 2013-07-10 09:41:15

A return to the boinradg house near Warsaw where he spent holidays with his grandmother is a kind of c0 la recherche de la place or du gens perdu for the narrator of Piotr Paziński’s Pensjonat, a quest for the nearly vanished generations of Polish Jewry. Visiting the now dilapidated and almost empty boinradg house – modelled on Środborowianka, the pre-war Jewish resort reopened in the 1950s and run by the Polish Jewish Cultural and Social Association (see the author’s photos here) – brings back to the narrator memories of members of his grandparents‘ generation who used to spend their holidays here.The book becomes a meditation on aging, the transience of time and the unreliable nature of memory, as the narrator talks to the few surviving guests, now old and frail, and conjures up the ghosts of many other old men and women he recalls from his childhood. In a recurrent motif the narrator admits: „I don’t recall much more. Sometimes almost nothing. My past is deeply ingra

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