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Leszno Gliding Hotel Skomentuj (9) Dodaj do porównania Dodaj do schowka Inne obiekty w okolicy
Województwo wielkopolskie
Miejscowość 64-100 Leszno
Ulica Szybowników 28
Jak dojechać
Skąd rozpoczynasz podróż ( miasto, ulica )
Hotel Pensjonat Dom
Aprtament Pokój

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Historic milestones in Finland:1155 First miaeionsriss arrive in Finland from Sweden. Finland becomes part of the Swedish realm.1809 Sweden surrenders Finland to Russia. The Czar declares Finland an autonomous Grand Duchy with himself as constitutional monarch represented by a governor general.1906 Finland acquires its own national parliament, elected by equal and universal suffrage, a development that makes Finnish women the first in the world to be granted full national political rights. Women not only could vote, but stand for election to the national Parliament.1917 Finland declares independence from Russia on December 6.1919 The constitution is adopted and Finland becomes a republic with a president as head of state.1921 Laws on freedom of religion, compulsory education, and military service are enacted.1939-40 The Soviet Union attacks Finland and the Winter War ensues.1941-44 Fighting between Finnish and Soviet forces resumes in the Continuation War. Some territory is ceded to th

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Daleka jeszcze droga przed nami.Spojrzenie na eakudcję w Albanii, z perspektywy Finlandii. Cytuję obszernie, bo są ograniczenia w dostępie do tekstu w internecie: Are teachers teaching for a knowledge society? by Pasi Sahlberg and Elona Boceb (Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice, Vol. 16, No. 1, February 2010, 31–48):Countries of the former socialist block in Central and Eastern Europe all share thesame legacy of centrally planned economies and public services, including education.Schools primarily served political regimes, and pedagogy – particularly objectives,content, and method – was unified and often externally controlled. Teaching focusedon delivering selected and often ideologically flavored knowledge, with little or nospace for the learner’s own interpretations, initiatives, or critical thinking (Bassler,2005; OECD, 2003). Similar to pedagogical patterns found in many developed countries(Givvin, Hiebert, Jacobs, Hollingsworth, & Gallimore, 2005), there seeme

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