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Województwo: dolnośląskie
Miejscowość: Karpacz
Liczba pokoi: 3
Rodzaj: Pokój
Data dodania: 2009-10-19

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dodany dnia 2012-07-20 19:42:19

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Użytkownik Kim napisał(a)
dodany dnia 2012-07-20 15:51:27

I hate Londynczycy and I hate that everyone wants to talk about it and wndeor if its true or not, what they've seen in the tv.There's one thing about polish tv series one of them shows hospital with nurses like angels and where everyone is so lovely and they never getting mad and the hospital is the beautiful surrounding of the forest. Another one is about young people with problems that me, as a young person, have never had, and also they're so sweet and at the same time they act so stupid and unrealistic that I feel like puke everytime I watch it. Another one is longlasting crap and one of its main stars has been recently caught DIU, but also, in this series everyone is almost a saint. Oh, I forgot about the lawyer' series, where there were spending their time at dating, talking, gossiping, they were young and had plenty of time to cry and to laugh and ditch work, so that everyone thinks right now that lawyers do nothing at all while the'yre at work.The truth is polish tv series ha

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